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Elite Team Training Program

Elite Team’s team-based approach to training has been successful in helping the company’s athletes reach the top of their sport. Elite students are trained to use a holistic approach that takes into account not only on-court skills but also off-court lifestyle factors like nutrition and mental health, which can be just as important as physical training for success in sports.

Elite Team’s coaches are able to help students improve their skills by understanding their playing style, and using experienced and knowledge to provide them with personalized training plans. For example, if a student is a defensive player, the coach can help them develop more offensive skillsets.

Entry requirements

The training of badminton players is a long and difficult process. It takes years to become an elite player because it requires a lot of practice, dedication, and hard work. It is important for you to know what your priorities are before you enroll in this training.


The minimum age to enrol in the elite class is 6 years old.


The badminton basic techniques include proper strokes, footwork, gripping, stance, and serve.

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